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We are experts in Postmodern Concepts for Events, Shows, Parties, Event Marketing, Artistic Representation and Customized Projects Our Agency produces impressive Experiences full of fun, emotion and personality. The highlight of Sun Rio is the special knowledge in Art and Event Production, resulting in unique creations allied to a Media Strategy/Data Programming expertise for ultra-positive Internet impact. Dispensing old formulas, we choose to dare in passion and creativity on the aspirations of the costumers.



We create powerful strategies to engage your audience in memorable experiences through Events and Customized Projects in the inspiring fields of Art, like culture, music and other unique expressions of the soul.

From Flat Rate till Punctual Services, we have the expertise to immerse the audience in an impressive experience with a competent and creative Cast of Artists and Entertainment Professionals.

Artistic Representation

Our passion, expertise and experience in the Art field provide our Agency a particular skill in discovering impressive Talents. Away from a large Cast, we are focused on rare Artists that blow the audience´s mind in impacting performances.

Specialists with large experience in Entertainment and Art.
SUN RIO combines specific expertise in many different
areas – event plan and management, digital plan, consult and marketing strategy, content and art/design under one roof

We make your brand be loved by your audience through memorable experiences, linked to the most fresh concepts.

We have in our DNA Latin and Germanic roots which promote unique potential to surprise our customers

with the most successful results.